Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity: Lifespan.io’s Mission to Combat Aging Diseases

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-Lifespan.io is a nonprofit started in 2014 by Keith Comito to emulate the cancer research advocates of the 1940s.
-They have built a large community of people by sharing verified news about longevity, crowdfunding research using blockchain technology, and creating successful YouTube collaborations.
-In 2017, Comito wrote scripts for a popular series of aging videos that were the highest-viewed videos the week they came out, with 14 million views within days.

Lifespan.io is a nonprofit organization created by Keith Comito in 2014 with the mission of tackling aging-related diseases. With the aim of emulating the success of cancer research advocates in the 1940s, Comito aimed to build a grassroots movement to address the growing need to research aging-related diseases.

To build their community, Lifespan.io has taken a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, they have shared verified news about breakthroughs in longevity, which has enabled them to build an educated and informed community. Additionally, they have implemented blockchain technology to support crowdfunding for research initiatives. Finally, they have created some of the most successful YouTube collaborations in the space, with Comito having written scripts for a popular series of aging videos in 2017. This series went on to become the highest-viewed videos the week of their release, with an impressive 14 million views within days.

The success of Lifespan.io reflects the growing importance of longevity research and the need to find sustainable solutions to address the impacts of aging. Through their efforts, they have created a strong community of people dedicated to tackling aging-related diseases and creating a better future for all.

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