Polkadot: The Crypto Project Set to Change the World

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• KryptosChain believes the crypto market is nearing the end of a bear market and that Bitcoin halving in 2021 will be the key driver for the start of a new bull market.
• He suggests investors consider both project roadmap and token price when making investment decisions.
• KryptosChain is optimistic about recent developments within the Polkadot ecosystem, noting how these changes are well-timed and necessary.

Market Sentiment Is Hype-Driven

KryptosChain explains that overall, sentiment in the crypto markets is hype-driven but with enterprise adoption and potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, this could change. He believes the Bitcoin halving next year will be a main driver for a new bull market as people base performance on its history and psychology around it.

Project Roadmap And Token Price Are Important Considerations

When asked which is more important – project roadmap or token price – KryptosChain suggested that it’s a mix between both as most people are in it for money while some people are only in it for tech to change the world. He also recommends to look at who are the market makers behind a project before investing in it.

Polkadot Ecosystem Changes Are Well-Timed And Necessary

Regarding recent changes to Polkadot, KryptosChain was generally positive about them, noting how they’re well-timed and necessary for the future success of Polkadot.

Enterprise Adoption Is Key To Improving Market Sentiment

KryptosChain suggests that enterprise adoption is key to improving sentiment in crypto markets, as this can bring legitimacy to cryptocurrency projects as well as open up opportunities for institutional investors which can drive prices up further.

Web3 Is Here To Stay

Finally, KryptosChain sees Web3 technology having staying power due to its ability to bridge traditional finance systems with blockchain technology platforms like Ethereum and Polkadot.

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