GameFi: The Future of Gaming or a Failed Experiment?

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• Blockchain games are not focusing enough on user experience, leading to lackluster performances.
• GameFi token prices have dropped significantly as developers have prioritized money over fun gameplay.
• Illuvium was one of the most highly anticipated crypto game releases but has since been delayed due to lack of budget and rushing out unfinished games.

Challenges Facing Blockchain Games

Blockchain games were initially created to test technology’s true potential, however reaching that potential has proved to be a challenge. Despite generating high anticipation, the price of Illuvium’s ILV token has decreased 97%. The developers have not released anything substantial for some time and it is believed this is due to them prioritizing money over providing an enjoyable user experience.

GameFi Struggles

GameFi had a lot of potential when it emerged but this has since been underwhelmed due to rushed or poorly designed games with no entertainment value besides earning potential. This lack of focus on players has caused people to lose trust in the industry. Additionally, companies have released games that don’t match their trailers and many are launched unfinished with no budget available.

Impact of Poor Practices

As audiences wait months for new gaming releases only to find they are low quality and lacking in entertainment, there is very little incentive for people to remain invested in blockchain gaming projects such as Illuvium which raised $72 million pre-launch through selling NFTs and issuing ILV tokens.

AAA Games Are Complex And Expensive To Make

Making AAA games (those released by top publishers) involves a complex process with intense competition making it difficult for developers and publishers alike due to their limited budget and resources available.


To ensure blockchain gaming reaches its full potential, more focus needs to be given into creating quality experiences with meaningful entertainment value rather than simply raking in money from players who can easily become disheartened if these expectations aren’t met upon release.

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