Aussies Targeted in Crypto Investment Scam Network

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• Australians were revealed as the top targets of a crypto scam syndicate operated by Israel-based crime bosses.
• Fifteen people were arrested and $1.46 million in cryptocurrencies seized following raids in Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria and Cyprus.
• Private investigation firms noted that Australians are targeted because of their wealth and weak investigative efforts by federal and state authorities.

Crypto Scam Syndicate Targeting Australians

Evidence found that Australians were among the top countries targeted in a sophisticated cryptocurrency investment scam network, which has suspected kingpins in Israel. A full-scale raid of four Serbian call centers and 11 residences by Serbian, German, Bulgarian and Cypriot authorities saw fifteen people arrested and $1.46 million in cryptocurrencies seized.

Why Australia is Targeted

Private investigation firms told The Australian that Australians were particularly sought after by scammers because of their relative wealth and a purported history of weak investigative efforts by federal and state authorities: “Australia’s wealth combined with a long history of state and federal authorities being unwilling or unable to investigate online investment fraud has made the country a sitting duck for the international crime syndicates behind the scams.”
Mark Solomons, Senior Investigator at IFW Global, a private intelligence firm explained that many Australians are more likely to pursue online relationships — particularly “if the right buttons are pressed.”

How Scammers Operate

Scammers from these call centers allegedly used advertisements on social media to lure in victims and offer promising investment opportunities with lucrative returns. They also sought after investors who could be easily manipulated into believing they could make large profits quickly without high risk.

The Consequences

Investment scams can have devastating consequences for those caught out – some may lose their entire life savings while others risk becoming victims of identity theft or other forms of financial fraud. It is important for investors to remain vigilant when engaging in any kind of online activity related to investing money; if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is!


It’s clear from this report that Australians remain one of the most sought after targets for cryptocurrency scammers due to their wealth combined with lax regulations on investigating online investment frauds. With scammers getting smarter every day it’s important for investors to stay informed about new developments within this space as well as staying vigilant when engaging with unknown entities online or over phone lines.

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