56.8% of Metaverse Tweets From Vietnam Positive – See Other Countries’ Reactions

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• CoinKickoff analyzed 1.6 million tweets from different parts of the world to determine the countries in favor and against the metaverse concept
• Vietnam topped the list of countries in support with 56.8% of positive sentiments, while Ireland had the most opposition with 14.4% negative sentiment
• Western countries, such as Denmark, New Zealand, US and Canada also voiced negative sentiments toward the metaverse

Analysis of Global Metaverse Sentiment

CoinKickoff conducted a recent analysis of more than a million tweets to determine which countries love and hate the metaverse concept.

Countries In Favor Of The Metaverse

The results showed that Vietnam topped the in-favor list with 56.8% of positive sentiment in their tweets related to metaverse topics. Other East-Asian countries such as Philippines, Ukraine, Nigeria and Indonesia also made it to this list.

Countries Against The Metaverse

Ireland was on top for those against this concept, with 14.4% of their tweets being negative towards it. Western countries like Denmark, New Zealand, United States and Canada also voiced their opposition towards this idea.

Metaverse Use Cases Continue To Develop

Despite some global opposition to the concept, Jennifer Roberts – a partner at Woodstock Ventures – told Cointelegraph how Woodsstock Ventures are currently exploring ways to integrate NFTs into virtual worlds like Decentraland or Cryptovoxels.


The analysis conducted by CoinKickoff shows that there is both global support and opposition for metaverses around the world – with East Asian countries generally being more in favor compared to western counterparts who voice more negativity towards these concepts

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